The hottest porn models in history.

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Male porn models

Danny Dong

Also called Whitezilla, the measures of his member are unknown but it is said that he has the biggest cock. But it is not in vain, since it is called the jockstrap thanks to its monster of such dimensions. It is professional, you can give yourself a good taste with it.

Original name: Matt Hughes

Alias: Danny Dong

Profession: actor

Height: 185 cm

Huge penis size

Provenance: England

Color of blond hair

Active since 2007

Chris Diamond

This is one of the best porn actors that exist, was the pupil of Rocco Siffredi hunting talent. The Sevillian debuted in 2013 along with Nacho Vidal, who thanks to the Catalan who began to use his artistic surname because they said it was a diamond in the rough. Without a doubt, he is the best porn actor of all time.

Alias: Cris diamond

Profession: Actor

Provenance: Seville

Height: 178 cm

Large penis size

Age: 28 years old

Hair Color: brown

Active since 2013

Jordi the big cock

A particular story. He has a heart attack physicist, despite his short stature and clean face. Shy, quiet, humble, innocent. He is one of the best porn actors with international projection.

Profession: Actor

Provenance: Spain

Age: 25 years old

Large penis size

Active since 2012

Height: 168 cm

Manual Ferrara

The most coveted prize, has millions of films, without counting the other scenes and continues to make them for other websites. This beautiful Frenchman, with the face of a Hollywood actor, is one of the most important male figures in the pornography industry.

Real name: Emanuel Ferrara, Manu Gaussian, Manuel Ferrana, channon, Manu

Porn actor

Age 43

Light brown hair color

Height: 183 cm

Active since 1999

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The most erotic and sensual XXX models

The XXX models that will make you lose your senses are here. Next we show you the best bodies considered porn stars. Which one do you like?

The most erotic and sensual XXX models

Alice Goodwin

Profession: model

Provenance: England

Date of birth

12 December 1985

Hair Color: brown

Height: 173 centimeters

Jemma Suicide

Real name: Zara Zimmerman

Alias: Sierra, Sizzlin

Provenance: United States

Age: 26 years old

Natural tits

Active since 2013

Height: 122 cm

Skin color: white

Jordan Carver

Alias: Jordan

Profession: Model

Age: January 30, 1986

Hair color: Dark brown

Natural tits

Active since 2008

Height: 167 cm

Dayana Perez Sosa

Aliases: dayaannaa, Raquel Egus

Provenance: Colombia

Height: 160 cm

Tits operated

Rosee Divine

She has a degree in French literature and philology and is fluent in English, Spanish and German, has a master’s degree in business administration and finance, is aromatherapist and painter. She exploded in this world because of her professional weapon, an incredible body. She moved to the US at 22 and last year met Drake, where her fame grew like foam.

Alias: Sophie

Profession: model

Provenance: France

Height: 176 cm

Attribute: butt

Active since 2010

Katee Owen

On her physique she is the most beautiful among the XXX models. She has big and natural tits, firm and soft. I’m sure you’ll like this girl.

Aliases: Kateelife, Juliet Glace

Profession: model

Provenance: Florida

Ethnicity: White

Natural tits

Active since 2012


Aliases: Rona, Alexandra, Anabelle

Profession: erotic model

Provenance: Russia

Height: 173 cm

Medium Breast Size

Active since 2010

Aleira Avedaño

Alias: Venezuelan

Profession: model

Age: 29 years old

Hair color: brown

Attributes: butt

Active since 2013


Profession: model

Provenance: USA

Hair color: blond

Size of large teas operated

Active since 1005

Top of the most popular porn actresses in history.

The most popular porn actresses are here, we will explain in detail their biography and their life as sensual stars. Outstanding for its beauty.

The most erotic pornstar girls

Jayden jaymes

Incredible breasts, with incredible backside, are a couple of tools that will make you delirious. Undoubtedly is part of the most desired porn actresses.

Real name: Michel Lee

Profession: Porn Actress

Provenance: California, USA

Birth Date: 13th February 1986

Height: 1,73 cm

Mia Khalifa

Born in Lebanon, she moved to Maryland at the age of 10. She began to start in the porn world, which has undoubtedly cost her death threats by Lebanese that has served her excel thanks to her ass, tits and peculiar smile.

Alias: Mia Callitas

Profession: Porn Actress

Date of Birth: 10 February 1993

Height: 158 cm

Alexis Texas

Other of the best porn actresses more popular. With Puerto Rican, Norwegian and German blood. She has an enviable ass making her the adored ass.

Profession: porn actress

Provenance: Texas, USA

Date of birth: 25 May 1985

Attributes: butt and natural tits

Esperanza Gomez

Colombian considered the best pornstar. She has given free rein to her overdeveloped sexuality. Nice Playboy bunny who fucks like a goddess, besides being Latin, nice with morbid. She has many international fans and in the Hispanic world that makes her a desired and admired pornostars.

Provenance: Colombia

Profession: porn Actress

Age: 113 May 1983

Height: 170 cm

Hair colour: 170 cm

Rebeca linares

The most popular porn actresses of all time. A dazzling beauty of international porn. Her success is due to the fact that she obtained her opportunity in Germany and France to give you a great jump to the Angels with the great hand of Nacho Vidal where she stood out working for the hard of itnernet.

Original name: Veronica Linares

Aliases: Rebeca Linares, Rebeca

Profession: Porn Actress

Height: 162 cm

Age: June 13, 1983

The best free porn tubes in the world

This is my list of the best free porn tubes in the world, in this list enmerare one by one the best porn portals and all its features:



Pornhub was developed by Matt Keezer in 2007 within his company InterHub, initially it will be a portal of amateur porn photos until it was bought by the Youporn free porn website network. Pornhub will not be the most popular porn website, however by excellence it is the website with the most free porn videos in the world. In this porn site you can watch videos for free, also includes the option that you can register to download all the free porn that has this wonderful website.

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xvideos porn

Xvideos is the most popular free porn website in the world, in 2011 I beat pornhub, livejazmin and megaporn that were previously the best porn pics in the world.

It is also categorized in the list of porn websites as the first, beating megaporn and youporn, although on February 12, 2012 decided to leave the portal in maintenance mode to review all porn videos manually and so could add new categories porn in this great website.

The website is used by many actices porn and postitutes to promote their services, it is also used by many guys to upload amateur porn.


datoporn logo

The website where everyone can make money by uploading porn. A large majority of people use this website to promote their porn videos anateur, the problem is that it is also used by pirate porn websites to host videos without themselves having copyright. Without a doubt, it is the porn website that has paid the most money in the world to people for uploading porn, in some forums we have seen vouchers of more than 20,000 dollars paid to users for uploading porn.




This page is the biggest porn commedia in the world with more than 100,000 registered users, is also famous for playing the reality show The Sex Factor, where everyone can compete to become an actress or porn actor.

This website has always had problems with some states. In many states it has been directly the most blocked porn portal in the world for encouraging abusive sexual practices,



youporn logo

Youporn is the porn website that most amateur porn material is shared in the world, your style is a community to upload videos, like youtube but porn.

This website concentrates all porn categories, both heterosexual, gay, transsexual. , The biggest part of their videos, are promotional shorts that do not exceed 20 minutes. There are also many videos of less than 10 minutes uploaded by large international producers with the sole purpose of promoting your name, but you can also find much real amateur content uploaded from mobile phones.

The best porn actors and actresses in the world

In this post we are going to talk about the best porn actresses in the world under my own choice. This is not a list of official porn actresses, it is my opinion of who are the best porn actresses in the world for me.

– Esperanza Gómez

This Colombian girl was born to be a porn actress. She says in all the interviews, that her union with porn is not due to any frustration because she is an everyday film actress or for the economic reason. A gomez hope is not bad at all porn, has recorded with many world porn producers, has also crossed the pond to record with cumlouder and some more pornographic producers throughout Europe. He has also been a playboy conegita in Colombia and has won the best interracial porn scene “South Beach Cruisin” # 3 produced by Josh Stone and Justin Slayer where the same directors have shown so much for hope gomez.

esperanza gomez free porn

– Valentina Nappi

This porn actress is perhaps the greatest discovery in the history of porn, so much so that it was discovered by Rocco Siffredi. Valentina began to study graphic design in the university, but during that time I contacted Rocco Siffredi by email for the curiosity of how I would record porn. This Mediterranean beauty of strong character is called to become one of the most international porn actresses in the world. His career with more than 300 porn scenes is a bestiality for the short time he has been in the porn industry.

valentina napi

Misha Cross

This slender and pale porn actress is one of the legends of porn, with a spectacular resemblance to Shasha Gray. This young woman is not just any girl, she has a degree in sociology and what surprises us most is her photography studies. Since I debuted in porn, I had done practically everything, lesbian porn, anal porn, sex with several men … all these videos recorded with the Czech porn producer, Legal Porno. No doubt this hot polish has no limits ..

After being all 2013 recording porn in Europe, Misha was planted in the United States (the Mecca of porn) and began working with major producers such as Manuel Ferrara or Mike Adriano and so aroused their interest the great producer Brazzers and evil Angel who decided to sign her and I get many nominations at the AVN and Xbiz awards.

Dani Daniels

This girl with one of the most dazzling faces of porn, began to record only lesbian porn in 2011, her name started to sound so strong in the lesbian porn industry, she won several awards and was penthouse girl in 2011 although her fantasy of just recording lesbian porn is over after the big producer brazzers was interested in signing this girl.

Lisa Ann

This porn actress is one of the most quoted in the market, mature, so only porn videos in the genre consolidated milf is a porn actiz to follow by many porn veterans. During the 90s was one of the best actices porn of the moment, although I had to abandon the porn genre for the plague of AIDS that had in the sector lasted that time to dedicate to be a professional erotic dancer. From the year 1997 began again in the porn industry recording more than 1000 porn videos. Until the frecha, is one of the porn actresses that count more for the producers of the genre milf. She also has a free porn portal where she uploads her most spectacular porn videos.